Zouping Xingtai(XT) Machinery Co., Ltd

Zouping Xingtai(XT) Machinery Co., Ltd
Zouping Xietong(XT) Import&Export Co., Ltd
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XT Machinery, Works For You

brand fully reinforced

To production, research and development, sales
as one Machining;

The utility model has the advantages of low
investment, high productivity, good economic
benefit, convenient use and maintenance;

Powerful production capacity

The introduction of international top equipment, advanced R & D, manufacturing process;

Multiple stringent security certification testing, guarantee the performance of machine products;

Professional technical support

For the industry to provide the most professional application and operation, maintenance and repair

Provide the perfect solution with the lowest cost。

Distinguished service

Have a professional management team and service team;

We firmly believe that quality comes from profession, and service promotes value。

Zouping Xingtai(XT) Machinery Co., Ltd

1 domestic sales department 2 international sales department 3 design office 4 Picture-Accounting department 5 Production department 6 assebly workshop 7 meeting room 8 office building overview ..

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